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About Lyn

Business card photoAnyone who watches television or listens to the news gets a pretty grim picture of aging.  As a senior citizen, I listen in horror to warnings about insomnia, incontinence, dry eye, dry mouth, dementia, COPD, diabetes and macular degeneration.  What are we seniors to do when faced with this litany of ailments?

I believe in the medical advice offered by the Reader’s Digest:  Laughter is the best medicine.

My writing approaches growing older with humor and a zest for life.   I plan to thoroughly enjoy my time as a senior citizen.  Join me as I navigate through the Golden Years trying to answer important questions like: Why can’t I find my favorite blue sweater?  What the hell is the Cloud?  What is the difference between Medicare Part A and B?  Will I ever be a grandmother?

Growing older has its difficulties but it is better than the alternative.

About Me

Raised as a child of a career Air Force officer, I wondered the globe with my family.    I continued moving around as a young adult.  Upon marrying a 3rd generation dairy farmer in West Virginia in 1981, I settled down for good.

I retired in 2014 after working for decades as a community planner and serving 6 years on the Jefferson County Commission.  Now I finally have time to play bridge and harass my adult children.

My writing career began in 2002 when I became a community columnist for a local newspaper.  Since then, I have published over 150 columns for 3 different newspapers. I published my first book, Chasing Cows:  I’m Not in the Suburbs Anymore in 2012 followed by Chasing Votes:  I Got Elected, Now What? in 2015.  The last installment in my trilogy of memoirs, Chasing Pills:  I Must Be Old I Have a Pill Dispenser will be available in 2017.