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Don’t hang up! It might be my son!

Posted: 10-28-2016
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My son is one of those people you love to hang up on.

Nick is a field organizer for the Democrats in Prince William County, Virginia.  He is relentless in his telephone pursuit of people to volunteer.  I live in West Virginia but I get similar calls from Democrats here.  I have to admit I quickly say “no, thanks” and hang up.  As a retired elected official, I have paid my political dues.

In early October Nick appealed to me as his mother and a lifelong Democrat to be a weekend canvass captain in Prince William County, Va…  I said I would help but made it clear I would not make ANY phone calls—except to order pizza for the team.  No problem, said Nick, another volunteer would be in charge of phone calls.


That is how I found myself in an unheated garage in Dumfries, Virginia, working for my son.  My job is to hand out packets with lists of Democratic voters to volunteers who go door to door harassing, I mean encouraging, residents to vote.  After two weekends working 10 hour days, I suggested to Nick that maybe I could stay home one weekend.  After all, I reasoned, Hillary is ahead in the polls.  My son has clearly drunk deeply from the political campaign Kool-Aid.    He reminded me in very strong terms that we are saving the republic and how could I even think of risking our nation’s political future by relaxing in my heated living g room underneath a thick blanket watching reruns of “Call the Midwife?”

I am a diehard Democrat but I am a mother first.  I relented.

As a Democrat, my experience in Dumfries has been rewarding in many ways.  Meeting volunteers from all walks of life who give up their weekends to canvass is wonderful.  It is a nice antidote to all the negativity occurring at the national level.

As a mother, the experience has been even more rewarding.  We parents don’t often get the chance to share our children’s work life.  My daughter, who is a bio-medical engineer, says her projects are top secret and if she tells me anything about her job, she will have to kill me.  Working side by side with Nick has been a great chance to see him perform on the job.    He is really, really good.  All the volunteer canvassers light up when they realize I am Nick’s mom. Two of them even volunteered to work for Nick if he ever runs for office.

My time in Dumfries has renewed my enthusiasm and trust in our democratic system.  On a more personal level, I have thoroughly enjoyed basking in the kind words about Nick from all the volunteers I meet.


REMEMBER TO VOTE – or I will give your phone number to my son.