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Gilmore Girls: Sorry, Can’t Relate

Posted: 01-27-2017
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The recent fanfare over the return of Gilmore Girls eight years after it was cancelled prompted me to watch the first season of the series.  All the press notes and Facebook comments raised my curiosity. Having never seen an episode, I really did not know what to expect.

The story line, for those non-Gilmore Girls aficionados, revolves around a mother and her daughter (who is a teenager in season 1) living in the bucolic town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. The mom Lorelai, gave birth to Rory as a high school student so the two resemble sisters more than mother and daughter.

They are very close and tell each other everything.

Based on my experience with my teenage daughter (who is now 30), I found this as believable as ads that promise your double chin can be eliminated with a simple cream.

When my daughter turned 13, she began referring to her father as the “good parent.”   Molly always wanted her dad to be the carpool driver to activities and events.  “He doesn’t ask questions.’ She explained.  My only avenue into my daughter’s high school activities was Amanda, Molly’s good friend.  Amanda would arrive early to pick up Molly and I would sit her down at the kitchen table, ask “what’s new?” and Amanda would spill the beans.  After Molly figured out I was receiving classified information from Amanda, she met Amanda elsewhere.

Molly and I have a great relationship now that she is older.   I hope the Gilmore Girls keep up their treacly sweet relationship and their rapid fire conversations in subsequent seasons.    I will never know because I have stopped watching them in favor of reruns of the Big Bang Theory.