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WARNING!! If You Have Diabetes, Avoid the Red Zone in Grocery Stores!

Posted: 10-11-2017
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My husband has diabetes. Fortunately, he is currently able to control it through diet. This approach will not always work but for now eating healthy and exercising is keeping Ron in the “prediabetes” range.

Recently Ron went to a diabetes lecture which included a handout of high-carbohydrate foods to avoid. The Red List  (as in STOP!!!!!!Avoid anything on this list!!!) is quite extensive and includes every foodstuff I enjoy: bread, cakes, biscuits, carbonated beverages, beer, ice cream, chocolate, pre-packaged foods—all flash red. The Green List (as in GO! Eat anything on this list) includes eggs, meats, poultry, full fat dairy, nuts and seeds and vegetables. Unfortunately for me, the only way I am eating a handful of pumpkin seeds is if they come with an equal number of chocolate chips.

All of the dastardly Red List food products are located primarily in the center portion of grocery stores. The best advice for healthy eating I have received is to avoid the interior aisles that make up the Red Zone and stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, yogurt, cheeses—all are located in the outer aisles. Venturing into the center of the grocery store takes you right into high carbohydrate territory. Of course sometimes a foray into the center is essential so I can buy carbonated beverages and a half-gallon of ice cream.

Thanks to my avoidance of the Red Zone when shoppping and my husband’s commitment to exercise, we have teamed up to keep his diabetes under control—for now. How long diet alone will keep his diabetes at bay is unknown.

The bigger mystery is why my husband has shed 20 pounds and I have not lost an ounce even though I am the cook in the family.

Maybe I need to empty the kitchen cabinet of my hidden stash of Red Zone goodies.