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Chasing Cows

Posted: 06-11-2014
Lyn's Books

Chasing Cows by Lyn Widmyer

I was raised on military bases around the nation and the world. I never thought I would become a farm wife in West Virginia. Enjoy my humorous essays about my 30 years as a “farm wife” who doesn’t can tomatoes, doesn’t milk cows and has no interest in driving tractors.

Some of my adventures include taking a cake to Martha Stewart during her incarceration in West Virginia and buying bull sperm to inseminate my daughter’s 4H cow.

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Chasing Votes

Posted: 06-10-2014
Lyn's Books

Chasing Votes by Lyn Widmyer
I was elected to the Jefferson County Commission in 2008. My previous experience with elective office included being President of the PTO and treasurer of the Jefferson High School Band Boosters.

I learned a lot from my stint as county commissioner. I share my insights and thoughts into local politics, always with humor and always with a deep appreciation of those who elected me.

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Chasing Pills

Posted: 06-09-2014
Lyn's Books

Chasing Pills by Lyn Widmyer
Growing old is better than the alternative but still it can be very irritating. I lose clothes. I misplace keys. My adult children constantly remind me “I already told you that, Mom!” Surviving the senior years requires laughter and patience. I have a lot of the former but none of the latter.

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